Human resource management is the practice or managing people for organizational goals. This includes a range of activities including recruiting, training, and retaining staff.

HR practices are effective in business because they promote employee engagement, select high-quality candidates and communicate effectively with employees. These practices are designed to keep employees motivated and productive, and ultimately improve company performance.

Selective hiring refers to the practice of only bringing in the best talent, which will benefit the company. It involves conducting interview and reference checks to determine the most suitable candidate.

Hiring can be a lengthy and expensive process, as it involves interviews, extensive research and assessments. These steps enable an organization to hire the best possible employees, and maximize their capabilities.

Communication between departments is crucial. This means encouraging teamwork, teaching employees how to communicate together, and ensuring everyone knows what each department is doing.

HRM also includes compliance with laws and regulations. This entails knowing what the laws are in the different countries where you operate and implementing them accordingly.

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